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Bloom presents

Crystal Bowl Yoga Nidra

with Recital 8 & Andrea Bahamondes

Monday, December 21st at 8 pm PST

2020 is almost ending! And although we all want this to be over. There’s a part of us that is grateful for what this year has brought to us. We believe that our capacity for awareness and love has grown, that humanity will never be the same (in the best of ways), that by slowing down we have learned what was truly important in our lives.

Join us this Winter’s Soltice in a celebration for the power of faith and hope

Monday, December 21st at 8 p.m. PST, Bloom invites you to reflect in 2020 and create an empowering vision for 2021.

Hosted by certified yoga instructor Ellison Wofford, this magical night will include a Sound Bath Yoga Nidra Event to help you relax, reflect and connect to your most compelling vision for 2021.

Ellison Wofford - Recital 8

Ellison Wofford
Yoga Instructor at Recital 8

Andrea Bahamondes - Head Coach at Bloom

Andrea Bahamondes
Head Coach at Bloom

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