Yoga Nidra + 1:1 Coaching Session

from Recital 8 & Bloom

Did you know that an important part of Yoga Nidra is to help you discover your “Sankalpa”? Your heartfelt desire!

Coincidentally that’s what Bloom coaches are all about. So, we bundled a special offering for you to get the best of both worlds before this year ends:

  • A private “Crystal Bowl Yoga Nidra” session by RECITAL8’s Ellison Wofford. Designed to help you slow down, release tension, and tap into your heart’s desire
  • A 30-minute private coaching session with a Bloom coach, so you can reconnect to your values and life purpose

The Yoga Nidra Practice

The practice is done lying down comfortably with any props you may need to be warm and supported. After a few minutes of meditation to arrive in the space, you will set your sankalpa (resolution) before being guided through a full-body scan, breath awareness, feelings and sensations, visualizations, and a crystal bowl sound bath. You rest in a state between sleep and wakefulness called the “hypnagogic state.” In this state, the mind is calm, receptive, and you hear your true thoughts more clearly. 


Your coaching session will be over the phone or through zoom video.

Once you sign up, one of our coaches will reach out to you to schedule your private session (after your Private Crystal Bowl Yoga Nidra sess)

Ellison Wofford - Recital 8

Ellison Wofford
Yoga Instructor at Recital 8

Andrea Bahamondes - Head Coach at Bloom

Andrea Bahamondes
Head Coach at Bloom

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