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Mental Health Care for Non-Clinical Clients.

Megan Lombardi - Bloom Member

“It’s hard to put into words how and why things have changed so much for me.”

Jennifer Mercer, CEO at Metazoa

Bloom coaches help you…

Develop better Self-Awareness - Bloom Coaching

Develop better Self-Awareness

Become aware of your strengths and weaknesses regarding your mental well-being and what truly matters to you.

Manage Progress and Accountability - Bloom Coaching

Manage Progress & Accountability

The real work happens in between sessions. Learn about Accountability, Tracking Progress, Failing, Small Progress, Self-discipline, and Decision Making.

Design empowering rituals and actions - Bloom Coaching

Design Empowering Rituals & Actions

You’ll learn about Journaling, Body and Mind Connection, Meditation, Gratitude.

Planning & Goal Setting - Bloom Coaching

Planning and Goal Setting

Learn how to find perspective, resonant choice, how to say YES and NO, SMART goals setting, Being vs Doing and more.

How it works

1-1 Video or Voice Sessions

Private video sessions right from your computer or mobile device.

Chat with your Coach

Private text messages with your coach in between sessions.

High-impact Resources

Tons of content, exercises, and resources designed to support your journey.

Rose Barkley

“My coach is fierce, driven, and clears the path to embrace drastic change necessary to achieve your highest self.

-Rose Barkley, Yoga Instructor

Getting started is simple…

Tell us about yourself - Bloom Coaching

1 - Tell us about yourself

We get to know you through our Discovery Questionnaire, a quick 10-15 minute survey.

We hand pick the coach for you - Bloom Coaching

2 - We hand pick the coach for you

No algorithms, no artificial intelligence. We manually select the perfect coach based on your needs.

Schedule your first coaching session - Bloom Coaching

3 - Schedule your 1st session

You will be able to schedule your first coaching session as soon as you get started.

Member case study: Megan Lombardi - Bloom Coaching

Member Case Study

Megan Lombardi, Make up Artist

“From the very first call, I felt like I had found my perfect match… she asked all the right questions and knew how to get me thinking about the important things in my life. I personally feel like I have made much more progress towards my goals then I would have alone. My coach makes me feel supported and strong, she does such a great job of emphasizing when I make an important realization which is so helpful.”

Michelle Gardella - Bloom Member

“Each call is like a giant beam of warm sunshine on my heart.”

-Michelle Gardella, Photographer

Keisha Chandler - Bloom Member

“Recommended to anyone looking to get momentum and action in their life.”

-Keisha Chandler, WoMentoring

Max Comuzzi - Bloom Member

“It transformed my mindset to grow wider and wider, week after week.“

-Max Comuzzi, IT Director

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