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“Take care of your employees. They’ll take care of your business.”

Richard Branson, Virgin

Richard Branson

A more fulfilling professional life for your leaders…

At Bloom, our coaches excel at creating a safe space for leaders to come and identify their unique strengths and the underlying beliefs that serve them, as well as those that limit their effectiveness in helping them achieve short- and long-term organizational goals.

We use the Co-Active Coaching® method to help create new neural pathways to empower your leaders to remain positive, receptive and with an agile mindset leading to a more effective, successful and fulfilling professional life.

ICF - International Coaching Federation
Improved business performance - Bloom Executive Coaching

Improved business performance

Reduce Healthcare costs - Bloom Executive Coaching

Significantly reduced Healthcare Costs

Build great company culture - Bloom Executive Coaching

Helps build great company culture

Identify organizational and individual strengths - Bloom Executive Coaching

Identify organizational & individual strengths

Improve interpersonal relationships - Bloom Executive Coaching

Increased employee engagement

Better life/work balance - Bloom Executive Coaching

Better employee work/life balance

“We are in the business of happy employees.”

Andrea Bahamondes, Head Coach @ Bloom

Andrea Bahamondes - Head Coach at Bloom

Executive Coaching is key in organizational success…


Employee Retention


Increased Productivity


Return on Investment


Improved Relationships


Work Performance

Studies have also revealed that companies that work with an Executive Coach can also see a 72% improvement in communications, 71% in interpersonal skills and 67% better work/life balance.

Sources: International Coaching Federation, Harvard Institute of Coaching, MetrixGlobal

We hand-pick the best Coach for you. No AI, no algorithms.

Rather than simply relying on artificial intelligence, algorithms, and robots, our team of experts with decades of experience in the field selects and matches each employee with the best possible Executive Coach.

What our members are saying…

Jennifer Mercer - Bloom Executive Coaching

“It’s hard to put into words how and why things have changed so much for me.”

-Jennifer Mercer, CEO at Metazoa

Keisha Chandler - Bloom Member

“I’ve made much more progress towards my goals than I would have alone.”

-Keisha Chandler, WoMentoring

Max Comuzzi - Bloom Member

“It transformed my mindset to grow wider and wider, week after week.“

-Max Comuzzi, IT Director

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